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largeThe Learning and Assessment Center at Michigan State University (MSU) is a result of the collaborative vision of the Colleges of Human Medicine, Nursing, Osteopathic Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at MSU.

This unique multi-college organization allows for better efficiency, new cross-college collaborations and the opportunity to model aspects of team care so important to achieving optimal patient outcomes and improving our healthcare system. The Learning and Assessment Center (LAC) helps prepare health professions students develop and demonstrate competence in basic tasks and skills through in-depth, hands-on training. It is an important extension of their classroom training, allowing them to expand and fine-tune their abilities before going into a real-life setting.



Announcing guest faculty presentation by J. Bryan Sexton, Ph.D.

For students in the MSU Healthcare Professional Colleges


October 16, 2014

2:00-4:00 p.m.

Radiology Building Auditorium

J. Bryan Sexton, Ph.D., is a psychologist member of the Department of Psychiatry at Duke University Hospital, and the Director of the Patient Safety Center for the Duke University Health System.  He has captured the wisdom of frontline caregivers through rigorous assessments of safety culture and teamwork.  His research instruments have been used around the world in over 2500 hospitals, in 20 countries. He has studied teamwork and safety practices in high risk environments such as the commercial aviation cockpit, the operating room, and the intensive care unit, under funding from NASA, AHRQ, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Swiss National Science Foundation, and the Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Foundation.

With specializations in organizational assessment, teamwork, survey development, and quantitative methods, he spends his time teaching, mentoring, conducting research, and finding practical ways of getting busy caregivers to do the right thing, by making it the easy thing to do.  He has found that the teamwork and safety culture results across industries, work settings, shifts, professions, and countries highlight a great deal about reliability in high risk environments – specifically, “you are better off changing the situation, than trying to change human nature.”

Dr. Sexton will present compelling and thought provoking “take-aways” for students as you prepare for interprofessional care in the coming academic year (and beyond!).  Contributing factors such as resiliency of healthcare professionals, healthy work-life balance, and burnout will be discussed. 


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