Learning and
Assessment Center

images of small images of doctorsThe Learning and Assessment Center at Michigan State University (MSU) is a result of the collaborative vision of the Colleges of Human Medicine, Nursing, Osteopathic Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at MSU.

This unique multi-college organization allows for better efficiency, new cross-college collaborations and the opportunity to model aspects of team care so important to achieving optimal patient outcomes and improving our healthcare system. The Learning and Assessment Center (LAC) helps prepare health professions students develop and demonstrate competence in basic tasks and skills through in-depth, hands-on training. It is an important extension of their classroom training, allowing them to expand and fine-tune their abilities before going into a real-life setting.


Medical & Nursing Students:

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  • An evidence-based teamwork system to improve communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals.
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Why take it?

  • Great addition to your resume or portfolio for jobs and/or residency applications
  • Meet other MSU healthcare professional students
  • Learn and practice new teamwork skills in a safe interprofessional environment

You will receive a certificate of completion for the course to include with your portfolio and/or applications. To register, click on respective discipline per date:

Nursing Students

                                                                             Medical Students