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Learning and
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Practice-Ready Graduates

image miniThe center simulates and assesses key steps in the work of doctors, nurses, veterinary technicians and other health professionals. When combined, simulation, performance and knowledge-building techniques produce “practice-ready” graduates. LAC students who enter practice are not only knowledgeable, but skilled, confident and safe to work with real-world patients.



The program uses the following:

  • human simulators, or standardized patients (SPs)
  • partial-task trainers
  • full-patient mannequins
  • Web-based simulations

Students get realistic clinical scenarios that train and test their communication, problem solving and data collection skills. They also learn IV line placement, spinal tapping, tracheal intubation and certain physical examination procedures. The simulation setting allows participants to take full advantage of technologically sophisticated, full-patient mannequins. And Web-based software makes scheduling, data collection and report generation accessible to students and faculty any time.

Assessment gives students important feedback during their learning phase, and provides the necessary demonstration and accountability required of today’s health professions schools. It will also drive curriculum for the partner colleges as they see opportunities for more learning.

A Modern Approach for Today’s Learners

The facility will attract many different types of users:

  • Health professions students at Michigan State, working to develop basic skills prior to using them with actual patients in hospital and clinic settings
  • Graduate doctors (residents and fellows) who are still
    in training, working in healthcare institutions in Lansing and other communities
  • Other healthcare institution employees who may need to supplement their skill set with new techniques, or who need to continuously practice and demonstrate competence in certain procedures for
    maintenance of privileges

Modern-day healthcare education recognizes that hands-on skills are just as important as clinical ones, especially in a market where health care has become competitive. Patients have many more choices than before, and well-trained, caring providers can make all the difference in which institutions earn the business– and trust – of their communities.

A Valuable Resource for Quality Healthcare

image mini-1Students gain tremendous knowledge in traditional classroom settings. Now, MSU’s Learning and Assessment Center will help them fine-tune their education. With a dedicated facility close to faculty and students of four of the best health professions colleges in the country, LAC will expose its users to both the “touch” and “technology” sides of healthcare. But this is only the beginning of the Learning and Assessment Center. In the not-too-distant future, advanced demonstrations of competence may be necessary for continued licensure or certification. And health professionals whose work involves teams, such as in critical care units, emergency rooms or veterinary offices, will need an opportunity to optimize their collaborative clinical skills. LAC plans to become a valued resource for the region to provide the training needed to meet these goals. The Learning and Assessment Center will take MSU’s reputation for providing excellent teaching in the human dimension of health care and notch it to the next level.