About Us


The Learning and Assessment Center (LAC) facilitates the simulation of “real life” events to prepare future and practicing physicians, nurses, veterinary technicians and other health professionals for contemporary healthcare. The combination of simulation, teaching/learning and assessment promotes skill acquisition that is intended to readily transfer to clinical practice   Learners are not only knowledgeable but also more confident and safe in the practice arena.

The Program uses multiple simulation modalities such as:

  • standardized patients (SPs)
  • partial-task trainers
  • human-patient simulators
  • computer-based simulations
  • virtual and augmented reality

Learners engage in realistic clinical scenarios that teach, reinforce and assess communication, problem solving and data collection skills. They also learn basic and advanced clinical skills such as IV insertion, phlebotomy, chest tube insertion, airway management and multiple physical examination procedures. The simulation environment allows learners to take full advantage of technologically and “just-in-time” learning. Access to a sophisticated web-based learning management system makes scheduling, data collection and report generation accessible to learners and educators at any time.

Events focused on assessment provide important feedback to learners in addition to demonstrating competencies required of today’s health professionals. These assessments also provide curricular insight for the partner colleges as they identify continued opportunities for learning.


The Learning and Assessment Center serves many populations:

  • Health professional students at Michigan State, working to develop basic skills prior to applying them in hospital and clinic settings
  • Graduate physicians and nurses (residents, fellows, nurse practitioner and CRNA) working at various MSU-affiliated healthcare institutions
  • Practicing clinicians who may need to advance or supplement their skill set with new techniques, or who need to continuously practice and demonstrate competence for maintenance of privileges

Contemporary healthcare education recognizes that cognitive, behavioral and technical skills are all important; particularly system where health care has become competitive. Patients have many more options than ever before, and well-educated, caring providers can make all the difference in which institutions earn the business– and trust – of their communities.


Learners gain tremendous knowledge in traditional classroom settings. Michigan State University’s own Learning and Assessment Center facilitates transition from the classroom to actual clinical environment.  With a dedicated facility convenient to faculty and students of four of the best health professional colleges in the country as well as clinicians all over the state, the LAC addresses both the “touch” and “technology” sides of healthcare. In the not-too-distant future, advanced demonstrations of competence may be necessary for continued licensure or certification.

It is widely acknowledged that health professionals need opportunities to learn and practice communication collaboration skills essential to being members of high performing teams. LAC is a valued resource for the region to providing interprofessional education and professional development needed to meet these goals. The Learning and Assessment Center appreciates MSU’s reputation for providing excellence in teaching in the human dimension of health care and takes it to the next level.